Flatsnapp it`s a booking system, where agents and landlords can find the best options to provide/rent apartments in London. Which was specifically designed for busy millennials (professionals, students etc).




About Project

the challenge

It was a huge challenge for our team, where we:

  • created entities, binds, models
  • developed admin panel
  • payment services integration (PayPal, Stripe etc.)
  • migrated huge DB (5-10 million notes) from MongoDB to PostgresSQL without data loss. The task included database architecture development
  • solved performance issues and at the same time rewrote the endpoints and business logic because the client wanted to have some updates made
  • worked with virtual services AWS, Used Amazon RDS and Amazon S3. Replaced project to AWS for more stable work and data processing
  • UI/UX redesign for the landing page and mob app which will be intuitively clear for users.




the project

It was a very interesting project. This is a mobile application that helps the tenant and the landlord find each other, choose a convenient time for a meeting. And also get directions to the property to be rented.
We had to migrate an existing database from MongoDB to PostgreSQL. Why was written a whole complex of microscripts. We also completely redesigned the existing data structure to ensure the high speed of processed requests. Accordingly, we got a fully updated backend. He began to work many times faster, handle complex queries, easily scale, have a clear structure that made it easy to introduce new features and additions.

The Process