Fast and safe shipping service. Fewer calls. More automation. Find the goods for your car and the car for your goods, taking into account all the small factors. It checks all participants and provides ongoing support in the use. Their verification processes significantly decrease the risk of working with suspicious companies and people, and the process of search and transportation becomes much easier!






About Project

the challenge

What was done by our team:

  • front-end development for the web app and the dashboard using React.js
  • UI/UX design for the landing page
  • Landing page PSD to HTML/CSS.
  • Also, it was necessary to adapt to the requirements of the business and quickly make a beautiful landing page to attract customers, which was fully managed by us.
  • The admin part required the creation of its own small UI Kit, which made it possible to easily add new functionality and components without time-consuming.





the project

Fast and safe shipping service, which was created from scratch with the user-friendly interface with the simplified verification process. Nice landing page, which is using in a CEO promotion.



The Process