Сlubber spot

We connect DJs and Bookers all over the world. They find each other, negotiate terms, and hire directly from Clubberspot.


About Project

the challenge

The app appeared to be very flexible and responsive. We were mainly focused on frontend:

  • lazy loading and preloading script, while also trying to cut the necessity for loading heavy libraries
  • messenger features for the users realized a share experience section where DJs can share both positive and negative experiences working with certain clubs and promoters worldwide
  • did booking system for the agents

On the backend we did:

  • API integration with YouTube, Soundcloud, Vimeo,Beatport etc.
  • calendar integration, where users can check upcoming events SPA on which we fully reveal all the features of React. The application became fast and responsive. We used lazy loading of resources (lazy loading), preloading of scripts, and also tried to use heavy libraries to a minimum.


the project

The booking project, where our client got:

  • fast loading website
  • new fiches like messenger, booking system which are using by his users
  • also users got new option, to add and share their work via YouTube, Souncloud and other API in this area.


The Process